Welcome to “Billy”.  My family’s personal organic micro farm and test gardens.

I have found that organic gardening is a physically and spiritually nourishing experience.  It is also a great way to involve your family in a wholesome, fun activity that develops within them a deep appreciation for the world God has blessed us with.  Through this web-site I will try to demonstrate the lessons I have learned and the understanding I have come to know.  I am hopeful that you will in-turn share your experiences with me.

Organic gardening is a straightforward way to achieve your own food security and provide safe, nutritious food for your family at a cost well below grocery store prices.  Utilizing various organic growing methods in Billy’s different test gardens, my family and I will attempt to organically grow substantially all of the vegatibles we will consume during the year.  Living in Massachusetts, this means that much of what is grown will have to be preserved to last through the off-season.

My primary food preservation method is fermentation:

Fermented Vegetables

Salsa Verde, Hot Pink Apple Cider Kraut, Sriracha Swiss Chard Stems

Followed by hot-water bath canning:

Canned Tomatoes

Here’s too freshly grown tomato sauce all winter long.  🙂

Best of all, organic gardening is extremely easy.  All you really have to do is constantly feed your soil what you normally throw away. 

Kitchen Compost